sharon brown garden designs
Viola tricolor (Wild pansy, Heartsease)

Why have a design?

When moving to a new home it is always a good idea – budget allowing – to tackle the garden as soon as possible. Plants take time to grow and mature, and it seems wise to get the most out of your garden before you decide to move again! A well-planned garden will not only impress your family and friends but will also add value to your property.

A garden doesn’t need to be large to benefit from design - the smaller the space, the more important it becomes to make the best use of every centimetre.

Hemerocallis (Daylily)

Your ideas

Before a designer visits your home it is essential that every member of the family thinks about what they would like in the garden. Lists can be made of likes and dislikes, including patios, water features, plants, colours and overall style. Any photos or magazine cuttings that illustrate your requirements are always useful. Who will use the garden and what it will be used for are also important, as is how much time you have to take care of it.

It is also essential that careful consideration is given to the subject of budget. It would be very disappointing to have a wonderful design produced that will cost 10 times more than you wish to spend.

Viburnum tinus

The design process

An initial visit to your home is used to make a quick assessment of the site and to gain a brief insight into your requirements. This visit is free of charge if within 30 miles of St Neots, Cambs. (Outside of this area, visits will be charged at £20.00 per hour, however this would be deducted from your invoice if you went ahead with the project). A written quotation will then
be provided.

Once this has been approved in writing, a further visit will be arranged to discuss the garden in detail. A survey of the garden which includes taking soil samples, noting contours and current features of the garden will also be undertaken. The survey and meeting can take several hours and may need to take place at separate times.

After considering all the information, initial drawings will be completed and discussed with you. These will indicate materials to be used and general planting information (if a full planting plan is required this can be quoted for separately).

Minor changes to these plans are normally free of charge but anything major, for example due to a change of mind or unforeseen circumstances, will be charged at an hourly rate. Once these have been approved, full accurate plans will be provided. Two copies will be free of charge. Further copies can be provided for a small extra charge. Drawings of construction details and cross-sections will also be supplied as necessary.

Phormium tenax 'Duet' (New Zealand flax)

Extra information

A list of experienced contractors can be provided, who will build your garden to the highest standard. Personal visits to the site during construction can be arranged if requested (at extra cost).

Two copies of planting plans (if this service is requested) will be provided, along with details of the plants, how many are required and where they can be obtained. A detailed maintenance plan will also be produced so that you can keep your beautiful new garden alive! A full planting service
is also available, which would be invoiced separately.

It may sometimes be necessary to use the services of other professionals such as architects and structural engineers, and if employed by sharon brown garden designs, will be charged at cost plus 10%.

All designs will remain the copyright property of sharon brown garden designs and will not be left with the client until the final drawing is complete.