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With a very keen gardener for a father and a market gardener for a grandfather it was probably inevitable that I too would enjoy the process of growing plants. Once I had my own garden I began to learn what sort of gardener I might be and develop my own personal gardening style.

Although a different career, marriage and two children came first, I finally discovered the joys of combining my love of gardening with a desire to create something beautiful in order to give other people the type of garden they dream of.

Logo of KLC School Of DesignI studied garden design with KLC School of Design in London, passing their Open Learning Diploma, with Honours. (KLC is a leading school in interior and garden design training and is the only design school to be accredited by both the British Accreditation Council and the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council).

Each new contract is unique, largely due to individual clients’ requirements and range of sites, and I am steadily building a portfolio of gardens designed. As any good gardener will say, gardening is a constant challenge and I look forward to having the opportunity to continue this experience.