sharon brown garden designs


Photo of the contemporary garden

Contemporary Garden

After deciding to improve the layout of our back garden it soon became clear that with a relatively expensive landscaping project like ours we needed professional help to ensure that the finished results matched our expectations.

We really wanted to find a garden designer who lived locally and found Sharon’s website.

From our first meeting it was clear that we had made a good choice. Initially, Sharon asked about what we wanted from our garden and showed us a portfolio of photos, predominantly to help us to give her ideas of what we liked and what we didn’t.

From that Sharon returned to take detailed measurements of the garden and I mean detailed, including heights of all areas, so that Sharon could work out where steps would be best placed to deal with the gradient in the garden.

Sharon kept us informed at every stage of the development of her plan and a few weeks later Sharon was back with the first real suggestions on paper. The plans were extremely professional on large sheets and the design detail was quite stunning. It incorporated all we had asked for but in a way that we certainly would never have come up with ourselves. We only made a few minor changes and later received the full plans.

With these plans Sharon provided a detailed specification covering block paving, wall blocks, patio slabs etc. stipulating the manufacturer and the specific products. There was a list of nurseries that could supply the plants and we also received a list of Contractors.

We were again fortunate in using a Sharon recommendation to complete the work and Messers Reed, Hancock and Patterson were one of the most friendly and competent landscape contractors you could ever hope to find. They worked with Sharon to ensure that the work was in line with her plans.

The landscaping work took just over four weeks and following that we asked Sharon to produce a planting plan, obtain the plants and plant them for us. Again this was completed in a very friendly, professional, competent manner and the plants are establishing themselves very quickly now. The speed of their growth is testament to the loving care that Sharon gave them when she planted them and the careful installation of wires and netting support for the various climbers.

Interestingly when friends have come to look at the new garden their first reaction has been “Wow” and that says something for the quality of Sharon’s design and the execution of her plans by the Landscape Contractors.

I have always loved the garden but the results that Sharon and the contractors achieved are just fantastic. I cannot stop looking at it, walking around it, fiddling with things, watching the growth etc. etc.

We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Sharon to anyone who was serious about having their garden re-designed and wanted a totally competent, friendly and professional Landscape Designer. The only downside is looking at the front garden now. I wonder what Sharon could do with that...

Lynne and Alan, St. Neots

Photo of the finished lawn and plants

Squares and Rectangles

After several attempts to improve the design of our back garden, we had to admit that it needed a complete fresh approach from someone with knowledge and design skills! Sharon was recommended to us by a contractor working on a new drive at the front of our house.

On Sharon's initial visit she listened to our ideas, took note of particular requests e.g. retaining a large apple tree but replacing the lawn underneath it in some way, adding a new seating area at the top of the garden, but retaining the existing patio area outside the house and defining the border edges.

She set about designing the garden we had described with the curved borders we requested, but soon found that this was not working and came back to us with the beginnings of a more formal design where straight edges dominated! Sharon was perfectly happy to go away and start again if we wanted to stick with our original idea, but on reflection this was where we had been going wrong, and her trained eye could visualize the complete change we were looking for!

We were consulted at all stages as the formal working drawings were completed and our original contractor worked closely with Sharon to complete the hard landscaping. A comprehensive planting plan including plants we wished to retain, a list of local nurseries and guidance in choosing and caring for the plants followed.

We have been delighted with the end-to-end service. The advice and support Sharon has provided from the initial design phase, through the construction stage and finally her help as we took on the planting ourselves has been excellent. We remain confident that she is still sufficiently committed to give advice if we need it, and would thoroughly recommend her friendly, professional service.

Bob and Loraine Graham

Photo of the finished lawn and plants

Newly completed front garden

Sharon came highly recommended to us by our builder who had seen some of her previous designs. We had not employed a gardener let alone a landscape designer before so were totally unsure what to expect. We needn't have worried: Sharon is a very friendly, patient individual with amazing ideas.

Sharon's approach is logical (she discovers what you want, what suits your lifestyle and what your skill level is), fun (there is a story for every plant choice and a reason for every feature) and innovative (she has so many great ideas and has combined conflicting ideals to create wonderful, stylish gardens for us).

Sharon also has a whole host of useful contacts which effectively makes her a one stop shop, thus removing the uncertainty and hassle that can sometimes go with redeveloping a garden.

We were so happy and proud of the front garden Sharon created for us (and the fantastic comments we received from passers-by!) that we commissioned her to design our back garden. Once again she did an incredible job and we can’t wait to implement her plans.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Sharon.

Mr & Mrs Buddle, Bedford
Photo of a garden

Nearly Finished

When we were considering updating our garden we were not sure if we needed to spend extra money on having a professional garden designer involved or just appoint a landscape gardener. In hindsight we were so pleased that we consulted Sharon as she became an integral part of our garden project!

From start to finish Sharon got under the skin of what we were trying to achieve in the garden and exceeded our expectations in every way. We appreciated Sharon's ideas, knowledge and help in guiding us to make decisions. Overall the quality of service was excellent, both from our point of view and also from the point of view of the our gardener who was able to deliver Sharon's plan exactly as we'd hoped!

What really impressed us was Sharon's follow-up and ongoing support. If we had any questions or needed any further information, Sharon was always contactable and more than happy to help. From our perspective we got great value from Sharon's service!

Mr Reed, Eaton Socon

New front garden

In 2007/8 we decided to permanently plant our front garden which had been constructed some years earlier by builders. We had filled the garden with summer bedding for a couple of years, but wanted something more permanent that would become established and offer year round interest.

Being practical rather than artistic we had no idea about suitable plants, colours etc so decided to investigate the possibility of using a garden designer. Having searched the internet and local Directories we came across Sharon and decided to meet with her to see if she could help us.

During our initial meeting it was clear that we would be very comfortable working with Sharon and commissioned her to help. The subsequent planting plan was excellent, complete with a list of local plant nurseries and detailed plant maintenance instructions. We are very pleased with the garden and have received many compliments from friends, family and passers by.

The back garden still contained the original 50 year old hedges and shrubs and was in desperate need of a complete refurbishment. Sharon came along, listened to our requirements and came up with a plan to completely restructure our sloping site, incorporating all the features we had asked for.

Using her many contacts we have now had all the hedges etc removed and the necessary excavations completed. It is still very much ‘work in progress’ and down to me to complete the hard landscaping over the coming weeks and months. We will then arrange for Sharon to return to provide us with a comprehensive planting plan.

If like us you are unsure if you need a garden designer, or which one to use, just get in touch with Sharon and I’m sure you will find her patient, professional, flexible and helpful and if you use her services you will be delighted with the results, we certainly are.

Trevor and Joan, Eaton Ford

Year Round Colour

I was given the services of Sharon as a present and was unsure as to how I was to use this gift. However, Sharon helped me focus and we then worked together which resulted in the re-structuring of the lawn but more importantly the planning of plants for all year round colour, which I was unable to visualise, I now have a very exciting plan which I am looking forward to working on over the coming year.

Hilary, Bedford

Front Drive

When we bought our new house, the builders had tarmaced the whole of the front. It was a vast area irregular shaped area with enough space to park up to 9 cars. There was minimal space for plants. We got an “expert” from Marshalls who just gave a quote for replacing the tarmac with paving and this was for twice the eventual cost. I tried to design the area with paving and flower beds, but the requirements to access the garage and back garden meant that nothing I designed looked right. I looked for garden designers on the net. The first I tried did not respond. Sharon responded and came to see us. We explained our requirements. She was very helpful and confident that she could give us a design we would like. She also noticed all the manhole covers, that I had ignored, which would add further complications. A few weeks later, she came back with a design. This gave us the planting areas we wanted and created patterns in the paving to break up the remaining necessary larger areas. She recommended a contractor who gave a good price and restored our faith in British workmen. The paving has now been done and is a massive improvement. We are now waiting for warmer weather to start planting and look forward to a much greener front when the climbing plants start to cover the walls and the planted beds start flowering.

Dick, Sandy



I am delighted with my garden and look forward to the coming months with pleasure. Thank you so much for all your advice and work you put in to make it just what I always wanted!

Chris, Cambourne